Claudia Husemann | Markle

Claudia Husemann

Senior Director, Strategic Communications and Public Engagement (Former)

Claudia Husemann was Senior Director of Strategic Communications for the Markle Foundation. She and her team developed and executed communications campaigns to advance the work of the Foundation and its workforce initiatives, Skillful and the Rework America Task Force. She is intent on shifting public perceptions to help people see the value, variety and increasing sophistication of skilled work and the pathways to secure these good jobs. With Skillful and the Rework America Task Force, she is placing skills-based principles at the heart of a national conversation on the Future of Work in order to prompt behavioral shifts among employers, educators, government and workforce development organizations to support the success of the 70% of Americans without college degrees.

She brought to Markle decades of experience in strategic communications, with strengths in positioning and messaging, executive thought leadership, creative storytelling and strategic media relations. Prior to joining Markle, Claudia was a global client relationship manager at Edelman, the world’s largest communications marketing firm. Throughout her career, she has worked with market-leading companies including Microsoft, Intel and Deloitte. With Deloitte, she led the development of award-winning issues-oriented campaigns spanning twenty industry sectors from telecommunications to healthcare to retail. She began her career in Silicon Valley and has a special affinity for telling the stories of technology and its impact.