Policy for a Networked Society | Markle

Policy for a Networked Society

The Markle Policy for a Networked Society Initiative sought to enhance the public’s understanding of and involvement in technology-related policy making. As the Internet became part of the mainstream in the U.S., Markle initiated collaborations to expand access to the Internet in developing countries and worked to ensure public representation in global Internet governance processes. Key projects within this Initiative include Markle’s initiation and involvement with the G-8 Digital Opportunity Task Force and the Global Digital Opportunity Initiative, engagement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, as well as design of Web White & Blue.

IT for Development

IT for Development aimed to demonstrate how information technology could enable developing nations to accelerate economic growth and social development.

Policy Participation

Policy Participation supported transparent, accountable, and globally inclusive policy making processes for the Internet and information technology. Its goal was to expand the pool of thinkers, advocates, and nonprofit experts to represent the public’s interest in key policy discussions.

Public Engagement through Information Technologies

Public Engagement through Information Technologies explored the potential of new media and technology to engage and educate a large, diverse population on issues of social and individual importance.