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Nine Questions You Should Always Ask Job Candidates

Publication Date: April 17, 2020

An interview with a potential hire isn’t just a way to learn more details about their skills and experience — it’s a chance to have a conversation to ensure they’re the right fit for your organization. The questions you ask may change depending on the position being filled, the current job market and other factors. However, experienced interviewers have questions they always ask, no matter what — questions they know elicit information that gives real insight.

We asked nine members of Denver Business Journal Leadership Trust to share one question they never skip when interviewing potential hires and why it has such a strong impact.

1. ‘What do those in the know say about you?’
I ask, “What would those who know you best say is your best attribute? And what would they say is a potential area for improvement?” Helping to reframe the applicant’s perspective in this way might assist them in helping you get to know them better. – Jason Dunn, CFA, DACS Asphalt & Concrete

2. ‘How have you approached objections to your ideas in the past?’
Good teamwork helps employees not only align to support the organizational strategy but also helps them cooperate and be supportive of one another. I typically ask them to tell me about a time when there were objections to or differences of opinion about their ideas. What did they do to convince the parties involved of their ideas, or how did they reach a compromise? What happened as a result? – Shannon Block, Skillful a Markle Initiative

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