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National Expert on Use of Information Technology to Measure and Improve Quality in Health Care Will Join Markle Foundation

Publication Date: July 7, 2000

NEW YORK, NY—Dr. Carol C. Diamond, a physician who has worked on the forefront of the convergence of health care and information technology, will join the Markle Foundation as Managing Director of the Information Technology for Better Health Program, according to an announcement made today by Markle Foundation President Zoë Baird.

Diamond will focus the potential of new technologies to improve access to and quality of health care. Dr. Diamond currently serves as President of U.S. Quality Algorithms, Inc., the information arm of Aetna U.S. Healthcare and the industry benchmark in measuring clinical quality using the tools of advanced information technology.

Markle has recently unveiled a new program focus and $100 million commitment to realize opportunities for information and communications technologies to improve people’s lives. At the foundation, Dr. Diamond will marshal her experience as both clinician and health care information technology expert to direct the health program.

“I am delighted that Dr. Diamond is joining Markle to undertake cutting-edge health care work. She is a nationally recognized leader in the use of information technologies to improve the quality of health care. And she is a first-rate business leader. These skills will enable her to substantially contribute to the public benefit information technologies can provide,” said Baird.

“Advanced information technology tools offer a powerful means for addressing the quality of clinical medicine and access to quality care. I look forward to joining Markle at a critical time when technology is transforming health care in America. At Markle, I will to focus on ways that consumers can benefit from that transformation,” said Diamond.

Dr. Diamond trained as a clinician at the State University New York, Health Science Center at Brooklyn and completed her residency in occupational and environmental medicine, a field of preventative medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She also holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from the Rutgers UMDNJ School of Public Health. During the course of her career she has been recognized for her information technology accomplishments in health care, served as a consultant to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and authored numerous articles for medical publications and books on a wide range of health issues. She was recognized by Modern Healthcare as a 1999 “Up and Comer.”

As President of U.S. Quality Algorithms, she leads the organization in providing end-to-end information solutions that include a nationally recognized Data Warehouse, desk-top decision support tools, and data-mining capabilities. There she has developed both measurement tools and risk-adjustment methodologies for providers and health systems and oversaw the development of programs for clinical performance measurement and physician profiling.