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Markle Staff

Allison Bajet

  • Associate, Skillful

Joe Barela

  • Director, Skillful Colorado

Shannon Block

  • Executive Director, Skillful Colorado

Angela Bowens-Gamble

  • Office Manager

Drew Ceccato, PhD

  • Manager, Skillful Colorado

Shirley Chan

  • Receptionist

Michele Chang

  • Director, Rework America Task Force

Aashna Choudhary

  • Manager of Talent & Human Resources

Erica Duran

  • Finance and Human Resource Manager

Molly Elgin-Cossart

  • Director, Operations

Max Gibbons

  • Associate

Jessica Goodin

  • Executive Assistant, Skillful

Shanice Keane

  • Administrative Assistant

Katherine Keegan

  • Manager, Skillful Colorado

Maria Koval

  • Financial Manager

Kymberly Lavigne-Hinkley

  • Manager

Danna Lindsay

  • Administrative Manager and Assistant Corporate Secretary

David Marsh

  • Manager

Andrei Montfort

  • Administrative Manager

Anna Nigido

  • Senior Director, Finance and Administration

Mina Para

  • Associate

Michael Passamonte

  • Accounting Associate

Alexandra Peterson

  • Senior Manager

Drew Petty

  • Senior Manager

Trevor Pruitt

  • Associate

Melissa Rey

  • Associate, Skillful

Kenyon Richardson

  • Associate

Jill Ryan

  • Grants and Contracts Manager, Skillful

Heidi M. Sasin

  • Motion Graphic Artist and Designer

Jane Smith

  • Web and Social Media Manager

Todd Stout

  • Director, Computer and Information Systems

Amelia Tenne

  • Communications Manager, Skillful

Stefaan Verhulst

  • Senior Advisor

Meghann Walmsley

  • Administrative Assistant

Jenny Wang

  • Administrative Assistant