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Management Matters Podcast: Skill-Based Hiring in the Workforce with Beth Cobert

Beth Cobert, Markle’s Acting President, joined Terry Gerton, President and CEO of NAPA, on the Management Matters Podcast to discuss skills-based practices.

Longer Lives Mean Longer Careers – so How Do We Prepare?

These longer lives mean longer careers, so how do we prepare? That’s one of the questions The Century Summit 2022, hosted by the Stanford Center of Longevity, aimed to answer when it convened researchers, advocates, and others, to explore how we can make century-long lives healthier, more productive, and more equitable.

Four Steps to Writing a Skills-Based Job Posting

Adopting skills-based practices is a great way for employers to find the skilled talent they need while building a more diverse and equitable workforce.

How Skills-based Hiring Practices Can Help You Find the Talent You Need

Employers looking to stay competitive are realizing the value of tapping into new talent pools by implementing a skills-based approach.

Why You Should Stop Hiring for Culture Fit – and Start Hiring for Culture Add

Skills-based practices can help hiring managers find people who will add value to their team without being exclusionary.