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Group Affiliation: Work Group on Consumer Access Policies

Deven McGraw, JD, MPH, LLM

Deven McGraw is the Director of the Health Privacy Project at CDT, focused on developing and promoting workable privacy and security protections for electronic personal…

David Lansky, PhD

In David Lansky’s current position he oversees the efforts of the Pacific Business Group on Health to improve the affordability and accessibility of high quality…

David Kibbe

Daniel Sands

Clay Shirky

Internet thinker Clay Shirky is the author of numerous books, including the 2008 the breakout hit Here Comes Everybody. He writes, teaches, and consults on…

Annette Bar-Cohen

Anna Wong

Anna Slomovic

Carol C. Diamond, MD, MPH

Carol Diamond is Senior Advisor at Markle. She joined Markle as a Managing Director in 2000 following a career in health information technology and health…


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