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Leading Employers to Build a More Diverse Workforce

We have an opportunity to unlock economic mobility for millions of workers by changing the way employers approach hiring and talent management.

By removing processes that screen out capable candidates, sourcing candidates more broadly and focusing on a worker’s abilities instead of credentials, we can help more workers to move into good jobs. We can also help employers build more diverse organizations.

To drive this change, the Rework America Alliance is working with leading industry organizations, national businesses and public sector employers, as well as small and mid-size enterprises. We are providing guidance, training and data-driven tools to help employers adopt more equitable hiring practices. We are also connecting employers, both directly and through intermediary organizations, to new sources of candidates in their communities through workforce centers and worker-serving organizations, such as Goodwill and the National Urban League. Helping employers to widen their talent pool can bring more varied experience and capabilities to their teams and build a more robust workforce.

We are here to help.

To help employers get started, the Rework America Alliance has worked with leading advocacy organizations, employers, unions and worker-serving organizations to identify a set of high-impact, inclusive experience-based sourcing and hiring practices – and build tools and resources to support their adoption.

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