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A Model for Remote Health Care in the Developing World: The Markle Foundation Telemedicine Clinic in Cambodia

Introduction This paper is a summary of the Markle Foundation’s work in supporting the development of a telemedicine clinic in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia, which was…

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Approaching the Internet in Small Chinese Cities

Preface How many Chinese people are going online? What are they doing on the Internet? What is the social impact of the growing Internet use…

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The Steering Group: Key Themes and Guiding Principles

Overview Participants in Connecting for Health.A Public-Private Collaborative were challenged at their initial meeting in September of 2002 to agree within nine months on a…

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Letter from Zoe Baird

Zoë Baird writes on the G8 Summit, the final report card on the DOT Task Force, and two Markle initiatives (Global Digital Opportunity Initiative and…

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Improving Life in the Information Age

Topics include: the current environment, a critical time to invest in meeting public needs, defining Markle’s role, public engagement through interactive technologies, Policy for a…