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Manager, Rework America Business Network

  • The Markle Foundation works to realize the potential of technology to achieve breakthroughs in addressing some of the nation’s most pressing issues as well as address the challenges it presents. Markle challenges itself and diverse partners to deploy their varied expertise to identify solutions and achieve systemic change. Today as advanced technology and automation change the very nature of work, Markle’s priority is advancing solutions towards a skills-based labor market that will enable Americans to transition to the opportunities of the digital economy. Markle’s current workforce initiatives—Rework America and Skillful—build on Markle’s previous success in creating the policy and technology architecture that has enabled improvements in healthcare, national security, and access to the Internet.

    The Rework America and Skillful initiatives aim to enable all workers, especially the almost 70% of American adults without a four-year college degree, to have the opportunity to succeed in our increasingly digital labor market. We aspire to make change at the national scale, to accelerate the efforts of others, and to have impact beyond the reach of organizations working alone or in silos. We aim to overhaul how employers hire and train, to reshape how people view their career possibilities, and to unlock career opportunities for millions of people who may otherwise be unable to access the futures they deserve.

    The Rework America’s networks define and advance policies and practices among employers, educators, policymakers, technologists and workers themselves so that all are better equipped to anticipate, adapt to and harness for good the rapid pace of technological change transforming our economy. Specifically, The Rework America Business Network was launched in 2018 with 11 founding large U.S. member companies, which collectively employ approximately 2.2 million Americans. These companies seek to deepen their talent pools of qualified candidates and expand opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds by recruiting and hiring with a focus on individuals’ skills. Member companies also seek to explore how companies can better utilize a skills-based approach when it comes to learning and development.

    Our Skillful Initiative is developing skills-based training and employment practices in collaboration with state governments, local employers, educators and workforce development organizations. Skillful and its partners are working to create a labor market in which skills are valued, and people can more easily access the information and education they need to keep pace with technology’s impact on work. Skillful currently operates in two states, Skillful Colorado and Skillful Indiana, bringing investment, training, tools and innovative methods to augment local workforce development efforts. It formed and facilitates the Skillful State Network, a collaboration among 28 state governors to accelerate the development and deployment of effective skills-based practices to transform their labor markets.

    The Rework America Business Network (RABN) team is small, action-oriented and fast-paced. We are passionate about our mission, keen to learn, and enjoy what we do. We’re seeking candidates who are self-driven, excel in relationship-building, are results-oriented, have great communications skills, and have strong project management skills.  Given the entrepreneurial nature of the work, all team members execute a diverse portfolio of projects and contribute to the learning culture through supporting multiple initiatives and collaborating across teams and partner organizations.

    Job Summaries and Responsibilities: 

    The Manager Rework America Business Network’s key focus areas will be on project management, research and analysis, content creation and communications for the Rework America Business Network, as well as policy work:

    Project Management
    • Manages, tracks and ensures progress is made on select projects of the RABN in terms of timeliness, milestones, interdependencies and other elements (e.g., raising roadblocks).
    • Manages overall work plan across RABN member companies and partners and accountable for quality and timeliness of deliverables.
    • Maintains alignment of RABN mission by flagging critical issues for problem solving or troubleshooting and identifying potential solutions.
    • Sets the agenda and develops logistics for regular internal and external check-ins and in-person meetings.
    Research and Analysis
    • Conducts research for a set of field guides RABN is developing to help companies implement skills-based practices; this includes research of leading employer practices, existing work already created and interviews with select companies and experts.
    • Prepares research and analysis of insights from surveys and other research on subjects relevant to the RABN work.
    • Helps define and measure metrics for success.
    • Perform research and due diligence of potential member companies and partnerships.
    • Provide quantitative analysis as it relates to impact or resources (e.g., impact of RABN efforts, or analysis of relevant research to inform program design).
    Content Creation and Communications
    • Develop initial drafts of set of field guides RABN is developing to help companies take a skills-based approach to various phases of the talent management cycle (e.g., sourcing, hiring, upskilling)
    • Creates initial content, drafts and documents for external use (e.g., for convenings, RABN member companies, partners, social media, blogs, op-eds, partners and news outlets) and for internal use (by Markle leadership and for the Board of Directors).
    • Works with the RABN team to ensure regular, effective and coordinated outreach with RABN members, partners and extended network.
    • Prepares documents required for external communications about the RABN.
    • Other tasks and responsibilities as requested or as assigned.
    Policy work
    • Contribute Markle’s policy development, dissemination and efforts by conducting research (e.g., interviews with partners/experts, background research on existing work and positions) and synthesizing findings from research.
    • Draft, review and edit policy recommendations and review them with key stakeholders to gather input and feedback.
    Required Competencies: 
    • Critical Thinking: Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems. 
    • Information Gathering: Conduct survey research of specified populations and demographics
    • Market Research: Analyze operational or management reports to inform business decisions and conduct industry or market analysis
    • Relationship Management: Ability to develop and maintain strong working relationships with and among a diverse group of stakeholders at all levels from direct reports to colleagues to high-level partners (e.g., Fortune 500 corporations, educators, non-profits, government);
    • Thinking Creatively: Develop and seek out the next challenge and thinking outside constraints to get things done
    • Project Management: Ability to keep within time, cost, and quality guidelines while managing multiple projects and overseeing a team of staff, consultants, and volunteers
    • Communication: Talking to others to convey information effectively. Clearly articulates key points when writing emails and/or correspondence’s and speaking.
    • Active learning: Positive attitude with an openness and willingness to learn. Demonstrates ability to receive and apply feedback and show continuous improvement
    • Decision Making: Makes decisions such as scheduling meetings and organizing events and logistics, and deploys resources in alignment with the office’s strategic priorities. 
    • Adaptability: Comfortable in a fluid, changing startup that is responsive to its own successes and failures. Capacity to deal with ambiguity and drive towards concrete solutions.
    Preferred Competencies: 
    • We are seeking a candidate who has 4-7 years of work experience.
    • Knowledge of workforce, talent management and HR practices and policies are a plus but are not a requirement.
    Job Details: 
    Washington, D.C.
    Manager, Rework America Business Network
    Reports to: 
    Executive Director of the Rework America Business Network
    Salary & Benefits: 
    Degree or credential Requirements: None! We value candidates who can demonstrate capability and articulate how prior experiences will help them to contribute Please submit cover letter and resume to [email protected]
    Markle is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations and marital status.

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