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President’s Letters

August 7, 2013

Second Letter on the Markle Economic Future Initiative

Dear Friends, America has been defined by a simple aspiration: that everyone in this country should have the freedom to dream and the opportunity to…

June 20, 2013

Letter on the Markle Economic Future Initiative

Dear Friend: We are writing to tell you about an ambitious new initiative we are undertaking. For millions of people, the American Dream which we…

July 1, 2002

Using Information and Communications Technology to Address Critical Public Needs

Topics include: heightened focus in a changed world, the shifting domestic environment, global opportunity and risk, strategy, operations, and transitions at Markle, Policy for a…

May 1, 2004

Addressing Critical Public Needs in the Information Age

Advances in information technology over the past decade have stirred the creative spirit of a generation and dramatically changed our everyday lives. As we enter…

July 1, 2002

Letter from Zoe Baird

Zoë Baird writes on the G8 Summit, the final report card on the DOT Task Force, and two Markle initiatives (Global Digital Opportunity Initiative and…

July 1, 1999

Improving Life in the Information Age

Topics include: the current environment, a critical time to invest in meeting public needs, defining Markle’s role, public engagement through interactive technologies, Policy for a…