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Video: Policies in Practice for Health Information Sharing

Publication Date: May 9, 2012

On May 9, 2012, the Markle Foundation hosted a webcast entitled New Markle Resources for Implementing Health Information Sharing. During the webcast, the authors of the newly released Markle Connecting for Health Common Framework Policies in Practice for Health Information Sharing described these resources for health information sharing implementation, including how they can be applied in today’s environment.

This video features the entire webcast New Markle Resources on Implementing Health Information Sharing.

The webcast has also been edited into video segments on the individual resources. Click on the presentation titles below to view the segments.


Panel 1

Background on the Policies in Practice
Vicki Estrin, C3 Consulting

Key Laws and Regulations: Changes Relevant to the Markle Common Framework
Linda Malek, Moses and Singer, LLP

Consent: Implementing the Individual Participation and Control Principle in Health Information Sharing
Deven McGraw, Center for Democracy and Technology

Panel 1 Questions and Answers

Panel 2

Policy-Aware Procurement Strategies and Practices: Asking the Right Questions and Reaching the Right Answers
Allen Briskin, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP

Governance of Health Information Sharing Efforts: Achieving Trust and Interoperability with Meaningful Consumer Participation
Stefaan Verhulst, Markle Foundation

Individual Access: Connecting Patients with Their Health Information
Laura Bailyn, Markle Foundation

How to Access the Policies in Practice on

Panel 2 Questions and Answers