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Web White & Blue 2000 Evaluation Summary

Publication Date: March 1, 2001

This is a summary of the evaluation results of Web White and Blue 2000, a Markle initiative organized around the 2000 national elections to help voters, journalists, and others use the Internet to learn more about candidates, campaigns, and presidential debates. After the elections, Markle commissioned a study to examine site usage and its effects on the electorate.

The Web White & Blue 2000 evaluation is an important contribution to the study of how citizens use the Internet as a source of political information. Web White & Blue 2000 strove to use the power of new and emerging communication technologies to encourage active and informed public involvement in the political process. Because we are still at the beginning of the evolution of how the medium will ultimately impact our political discourse and experience, the necessity for rigorous evaluation is almost as important as the activity itself.

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