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Model Sub-Network Organization Terms and Conditions: Topic List

Publication Date: December 1, 2005

Model Sub-Network Organization Terms and Conditions

Topic List

Introduction: This document (“Topic List”) describes the issues addressed by the Model Terms and Conditions of a Sub-Network Organization (“SNO”).

Background. An SNO is to operate as a health information data exchange organization that operates as a part of the National Health Information Network (“NHIN”), a nationwide environment for the electronic exchange of health information.

Use of Model. The Model is based on a number of assumptions, which are described in the following discussion. The Model is not the “answer” for all SNOs. Instead, it is intended to assist in the organization of an SNO by providing a basis upon which to begin drafting that SNO’s Terms and Conditions. All language provided in the Model is intended for illustrative purposes only. Each SNO will have to draft its Terms and Conditions based upon its own organization, operations, system and services, regulatory environment, and so on. Some of the Model’s terms will be inapplicable to some SNOs. The Model shows where some of the variations might be expected to occur.

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