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Coming Soon: New Markle Common Framework Policies in Practice Resources

by Laura Bailyn

When the Markle Common Framework for Private and Secure Information Exchange (Markle Common Framework) was originally launched in 2006, the health care sector was struggling to overcome challenges of policy and technology in order to advance health information sharing.

Today’s environment is markedly different.

  • With HITECH came an unprecedented level of federal leadership, new regulation, and significant public investment.
  • The use of health IT among providers and consumers has grown and continues to be on the rise. There are also growing numbers of operational health information exchanges.
  • Physician and consumer attitudes toward the use of health IT are changing. Today, 74 percent of surveyed doctors prefer computer-based means to paper and fax when sharing patient information with each other.1

As health information sharing has matured, new lessons and additional challenges have emerged. Health information sharing leaders across the country have identified an initial set of high-priority resource needs to support current health information sharing efforts.2 In response, Markle convened the Markle Connecting for Health, Health Information Exchange Advisory Committee (Markle HIE Advisory Committee) to refine this list of priorities and develop complementary resources.

The result is a set of Policies in Practice resources (PiPs) that build upon the Markle Common Framework. Developed by health information sharing experts from across the country with hands-on implementation experience, these resources address implementation issues in today’s environment. Topics covered in the PiPs include a review of the current legal landscape, tools to facilitate procurement of technology to meet policy objectives, answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Markle Common Framework, and more.

Along with several of the authors of these PiPs, I will be presenting an overview of this project at the HIMSS 2012 Annual meeting on February 20 during the HIE Symposium. If you will be at the HIE Symposium, we look forward to your participation.

The Policies in Practice will be released soon. Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to be notified upon release.


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