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Inaugural Meeting of the Markle Economic Future Initiative

We are delighted to report on our recent meeting of the Markle Initiative for America’s Economic Future in a Networked World. The meeting addressed the economic and social landscape in which we live today, the implications for the American Dream, potential opportunities for economic and sectoral growth, as well as the role of leaders in realizing a new vision for the future.

The meeting was informed by a range of research and viewpoints of leading experts from the academic, non-profit and private sectors. We opened with some members telling their personal American Dream stories, providing fascinating and moving insights into the people that have joined this Initiative.

The first day was devoted to the problems we face: We explored the global economy and how new technologies are changing the work of individuals and businesses. We learned how the growing opportunity gap is transforming the social landscape. And we also challenged assumptions about the state of the middle class.

The second day we surfaced a broad range of potential opportunities to address the problems identified. We were inspired by members who are transforming the sectors in which they work, including public higher education, on-line learning, business services, healthcare and agricultural production. Our final day was devoted to the potential of our own leadership and that of others.

Coming out of the meeting, the members of the Markle Economic Future Initiative are steadfast in our commitment to work toward setting our country on a path to build the American Dream for a new era by leveraging technology and advancing public and private leadership and individual action.The diverse perspectives and ideas that this group brings will evolve into a collective enterprise. We will keep you advised as the Initiative unfolds.