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How Social Media is Reinventing the Job Search

Publication Date: November 9, 2015

By Zoë Baird

Many are talking about how the very nature of work is changing in today’s connected economy…the race against the machine, the rapid growth of the gig economy, introduction of technology into just about every job, market, and business. Less well recognized, and certainly less exploited, is the potential online tools have to change the way we learn, train, and connect to the jobs of tomorrow. This opportunity is key to making the transformation of work benefit all Americans.

Behind us are the days when employers placed ads in the classifieds, recruiters visited colleges to find applicants, or people combed their local newspapers for appealing listings for well-recognized jobs. Job seekers today are turning to online platforms — including LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder — which allow prospective employees to search online for open positions, while employers also can use these platforms to sort through potential candidates more quickly and easily. From part-time work to high-tech positions, the rise of connected platforms is only a small part of a much larger transformation.

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