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Louder Voices

Publication Date: June 1, 2002

Commissioned by the UK, DFID, this study examines the nature of the challenges facing developing country participants in international ICT decision making, the constraints facing delegates representing developing countries, research and analytical capacities that already exist in the ICTs and telecommunications of least developed countries, the role and effectiveness of regional forums, and examples of countries that have successfully exposed their decision and policy making to broader public and policy debate, as well as those that have not. In addition the study examines the merit of some specific ideas and initiatives already being discussed, such as creating regional centers of expertise in ICT policy within existing academic/research institutions; establishing an electronic newsletter to report on international ICT forums; and building on current DFID programs aimed at creating opportunities; as well as new initiatives within developing countries to stimulate more informed and more inclusive public debate on ICT-related issues, with an emphasis on perspectives from the poor and marginalized.

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