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TEST Community Foundations Help Prop Up Labor Force

Publication Date: November 23, 2015

Skillful launched on March, 17, 2016. It replaces Rework America Connected.

By Antonia Hernández

As head of one of the country’s oldest community foundations, I have seen many dedicated families, immigrants, and entrepreneurs work hard to succeed in Los Angeles County. Contrary to conventional wisdom, I believe that realizing the promise of the American Dream is not a question of policy or government spending alone, nor is it the responsibility of any single individual, company or school.

“Business as usual” is no longer workable or acceptable. Rather, solving some of our greatest challenges—including providing education and opportunity for all—starts with local residents coming together and taking innovative action to ensure that every member of the community has a chance to succeed. Simply put, it is time for new ways of investing in our communities.

Consider a recent initiative, Rework America. Convened by the Markle Foundation, the initiative brings together a diverse group of business leaders, educators, policymakers, and advocates to expand opportunities for all Americans. Working with local communities, the initiative launched Rework America Connected, a partnership with LinkedIn, Arizona State University, edX and local and state educators and employers to build a skills-based labor market.

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