Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained | Markle | Advancing America's Future

Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained

Type: Panel Discussion

Date: Nov 28 2017

Venue: Churchill Club

Zoë Baird, CEO and President, Markle Foundation
Tim O’Reilly, CEO, O’Reilly Media Interviewer
Michael Chui, Partner, McKinsey Global Institute and Rework America Task Force Member

“Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained”
Presented by McKinsey Global Institute & Churchill Club

Automation technologies are already enabling new industries and occupations and taking over tedious and dangerous work. As adoption of artificial intelligence and robotics spreads, it will drive growth, raise productivity, and increase societal prosperity. At the same time, these technologies will have a profound transformational effect on the workforce. The labor implications of automation are the focus of much public debate: Will there be enough work in the future for humans to do, and, if so, what will that work be? What occupations will thrive, and which ones will wither? What are the implications for skills and wages? How might individuals, sectors, and entire countries weather the multiple complicated transitions that automation will entail over the next dozen years?

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