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Advancing America’s Future

The Markle Foundation is working to expand access to quality jobs for all Americans

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Helping people to move into good jobs regardless of educational attainment by gaining greater recognition for the skills they have achieved through other means.

More than 60% of adults in the workforce have built skills through work experience but do not have a bachelor’s degree.


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Southwest Solutions and the Rework America Alliance Partner to Bring Skills-Based Practices and Opportunity to Detroit Job Seekers

The Detroit at Work center operated by Rework America Alliance partner Southwest Solutions aims to assist low-wage individuals who want a career that will help them obtain a sustainable income.

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Realizing the Workforce Potential of Infrastructure Investments

New Report: State Strategies to Advance Job Quality and Build Inclusive Workforces in Transportation and Clean Energy

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Reimagining the Broadband Technology Workforce

Nicol Turner Lee and Brady Tavernier from the Brookings Institution recently shared findings from an online workshop as part of the Markle Tech Policy Research Consortium.

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Our Initiatives & Focus Areas

Markle’s priority is advancing solutions toward a labor market that will enable workers in America to move into good jobs in the digital economy.

Rework America Alliance

The Rework America Alliance, a Markle Initiative, is a unique partnership of civil rights organizations, nonprofits, private sector employers, labor unions, educators, and others working to help millions of people from low wage roles move into better jobs.

Through our committed network of partners, the Alliance is developing data-driven resources to support the organizations and individuals that are helping workers throughout the U.S. Learn More

Research Consortium on Technology Policy

The Markle Foundation’s Technology Policy Consortium aims to create policies and identify business models that enable developing technologies (artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, additive manufacturing, quantum computing, and others) to become engines to broaden economic participation.

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