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National Governors Association 2017 Summer Meeting

  • Type:Panel Discussion
  • Date:July 15, 2017
  • Time:9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. ET
  • Venue:
    Providence, Rhode Island

Zoë Baird, CEO, The Markle Foundation
Governor Matt Bevin, Kentucky
Governor Dennis Daugaard, South Dakota
Governor Mary Fallin, Oklahoma
Governor John Hickenlooper, Colorado
Judith Marks, CEO, Siemens USA
Governor Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island

The Workforce of Tomorrow
In an age of unprecedented innovation across all industry sectors, our nation’s workforce must keep pace. The same innovation that is propelling our economies forward should be a hallmark of state job training systems. Governors are leading efforts to retool how they train their workforce to ensure a skilled pipeline of talent to industry and to set up citizens for successful lives. Governors and CEOs of companies leading industrial innovation will discuss how to create a skills-based training system that leaves no worker behind. Work-based learning, immersive technological experiences, hands-on training and apprenticeships are international standards that are inspiring state officials, business leaders, community colleges, postsecondary institutions and high schools to change their delivery models. Governors will hear those stories, share their own experience and strategize how to collectively leverage these ideas to build the workforce of tomorrow.