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Lawmakers Grapple with the Future of America’s Workforce

Publication Date: May 16, 2019

The future of the American workforce will depend on how well government, business and educators work together to address the technological and economic changes ahead, according to lawmakers and experts at The Hill’s event on “Workers & The Innovation Age” on Thursday.

The event, sponsored by Paychex, brought together a bipartisan group of lawmakers, business leaders, human relations professionals, and policymakers, who all stressed the need for creative solutions.

“The system is not working for everyone,” said Michele Chang, director of the Rework America Business Network at the Markle Foundation, highlighting the need for a collaborative approach.

“Employers are saying they can’t find the workers they need. Educators are saying they don’t know what skills to train students for, and workers are struggling to clearly articulate what they can do to employers.”

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