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New Partnership Designed to Create More Job Opportunities

Publication Date: March 26, 2020

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development and Skillful, a Markle Foundation initiative, recently announced a partnership to help Oklahoma employers hire more effectively and create more opportunities for jobseekers.

The partnership will provide training in skills-based practices through the Skillful Talent Series, an innovative program which creates a bridge between the workforce and economic development systems by helping employers identify the skills they need for a role and to recognize those skills in candidates, particularly workers without traditional academic credentials, such as a bachelor’s degree, who may otherwise be overlooked.

“We hear from businesses every day that can’t find the workers they need. By supporting employers in adopting skills-based practices, we can dramatically increase the size of the recruitment pool available and help more Oklahomans find meaningful employment in industries critical to expanding the state’s economy. We are thrilled to bring this partnership with Skillful to Oklahoma and hope to expand these efforts in the coming year,” said Sean Kouplen, secretary of commerce and workforce development.

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