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Rework America Alliance Resources

Alliance partners are developing and sharing resources that support

the end-to-end process of connecting workers to good jobs.

Career Navigation Resources

Alliance Resume Builder

Create a compelling resume to highlight the skills you already have that match what employers need for the job you want, with this free resume builder from Rework America Alliance created in

Career Coaching Resources

The Alliance is equipping career coaches with the tools and information they need to help job seekers in today’s economy.

Job Progression Tool

The Job Progression Tool, developed by McKinsey & Company on behalf of the Rework America Alliance, is a digital solution for job coaches and career navigators for supporting job seekers in the United States without a four-year college degree.

Rework Community Insights Monitor

The Rework Community Insights Monitor provides a metro-level view on good jobs and training within the local labor market. The tool offers a single view into key system-level questions, What industries and occupations are most prevalent within a regional economy?

Unlocking Experience-Based Job Progressions for Millions of Workers

The Rework America Alliance studied the job histories of 29 million people across more than 800 occupations to look at how to realize the potential of the more than 5.8M workers from low-wage roles currently unemployed and without a college degree.

Foundational Career Coach Skills Training

The Foundational Career Coach Skills Training, developed by the Rework America Alliance, provides new tactics, tools, and job market insights for career coaching.

Skills-Based Talent Management Resources

Job Posting Generator for Employers

The first step to hiring more equitably starts with drafting more inclusive job postings.

Skill-Based Talent and Management Training

Adopting a skills-based approach to hiring and talent can help employers to strengthen their workforce, through more inclusive practices that can help to build more diverse teams

Employer Toolkit

The Rework America Alliance is working with leading employers and advocacy and civic organizations to help displaced workers, particularly those of color, move into quality, in-demand jobs as the economy rebounds so that we can create a more equitable recovery.

Activator Training Program

The Activator Training Program teaches participants how to engage employers in implementing more equitable hiring and talent management practices.

Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program provides hands-on guidance for a cohort of employers implementing skills-based practices within their organization.

Realizing the Workforce Potential of Infrastructure Investments

New Report: State strategies to advance job quality and build inclusive workforces in transportation and clean energy

Using Data to Strengthen Workforce Training

New Report: Strategies for states to improve workforce training program quality and access to information for their residents.

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