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Career Coaching Training

Equipping career coaches to better serve a workforce in crisis by connecting them with promising jobs and supporting workers to highlight the skills they can bring to these jobs

Career coaching and guidance is crucial to supporting people during this economic crisis. Many of the recent job losses will be permanent and those unemployed will need to seek out new opportunities, possibly in unfamiliar occupations or industries—all while balancing immediate financial needs for food, bills, rent, and other urgent needs. For the nearly 70% of adults without a bachelor’s degree, many of them people of color, systemic racism, which includes discriminatory hiring practices and unequal access to education and opportunities has created additional barriers to good jobs. Access to career coaching services can empower individuals looking for work or considering new career opportunities by providing support and information to help them gain good jobs in this economy.

The Rework America Alliance is developing high quality, virtual foundational skills training for career coaches based on the training initially developed by Markle’s Skillful initiative and expanded through the work with partners including: Emsi Burning Glass, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), McKinsey & Company, Ripp Leadership, SkillRise, and Third Space Action Lab.

This program is built on core competencies that encourage human centered, skills-based, and equity driven career coaching approaches helping to build meaningful relationships with job seekers by identifying opportunities that may not have been previously considered due to credential requirements. Career coaches will learn to coach to the emotional position first and support job seekers to consciously choose.

Coaches will be trained through a series of modules to identify non-traditional job progression and training opportunities through skills-based practices, enhance their emotional intelligence skills, communicate with curiosity, understand the benefits cliff, explore how racism has impacted the workforce development system over time, prepare themselves and their clients with basic digital literacy skills, and analyze local, regional, and state-level economic data.

We are working with our national and community partners including Goodwill, National Urban League, Rural LISC, UnidosUS and our network of state workforce partners, to get training and resources to career coaches and guidance counsellors. We’ve developed a series of virtual trainings on the following topics:

  • Effective and Equitable Career Navigation
  • Human-Centered Coaching
  • The Skills-Based Coaching Application
  • Digital Literacy for Career Coaches

This work is done in partnership – and with thanks to – the State of Indiana Governor’s Workforce Cabinet, Strada Education Network, Walmart, Microsoft, and Wipfli LLP. With special thanks to many members of the coaching community who have provided guidance and feedback throughout the development of the training series.

“Across the country, millions of our neighbors need a job, a better job or a career so they can support themselves and their households. When job seekers and career advancers courageously take action to transform their lives, a readily-available career coach can co-create bridges to opportunity. In a career coaching relationship, job seekers recognize their capabilities and interests, discover insights on local career options and jobs employers are looking to fill, and connect with training that equips them for careers with thriving wages – often while navigating the toughest times of their lives. By providing coaches with effective skills, we are equipping more job seekers and career advancers to successfully move into jobs that will allow them to thrive,” said Wendi Copeland, chief strategic partnership activation officer for Goodwill Industries International.”

If you would like more information about training for career coaches for your organization, please email [email protected]

See the Rework America Alliance’s Resume Builder tool that can help career coaches and job seekers build powerful skills-based resumes.

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