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Initiatives & Focus Areas

Markle’s priority is advancing solutions toward a labor market that will enable workers in America to move into good jobs in the digital economy.

Jobs and Labor Market

Rework America

Transforming America’s labor market so that all Americans have opportunities to thrive in the digital economy.

Rework America Alliance

A unique partnership of civil rights organizations, nonprofits, private sector employers, labor unions, educators, and others working to help people from low wage roles to move into better jobs.

Past Initiatives


Improving health and the quality of health care in the United States through use of innovations in information technology.


Skillful tools, expertise and resources are now shared through Markle’s Rework America Alliance to help workers from low wage roles move into good jobs.

National Security

Inspiring reform through information sharing and enhancing national security and civil liberties.

Interactive Media for Children

Through collaborative partnerships, Markle helped develop interactive media programs for children to promote learning and growth.