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Job Posting Generator for Employers

Enabling employers to more easily create inclusive job postings and adopt more inclusive hiring practices

As the economy starts to recover and employers need to rebuild their workforce, the first step to hiring more equitably starts with drafting more inclusive job postings.

The Skillful Job Posting Generator can help HR and hiring managers write job descriptions that will expand their organization’s talent pool, fill positions faster and attract talented applicants who can get the job done – without deterring qualified candidates due to unnecessary requirements or biased language.

For the nearly 70% of adults without a bachelor’s degree, many of them people of color, systemic racism which includes discriminatory hiring practices, and unequal access to education and opportunities, have created additional barriers to good jobs. By focusing on the skills a candidate needs to be successful in a role, employers can open opportunities to candidates that would otherwise be overlooked. By not relying solely on past job titles and proxies for skills, such as degrees (where they are not a necessary requirement for a role) it is possible to access a more diverse talent pool and avoid filtering out qualified candidates.

The free, online Job Posting Generator helps employers to identify the skills and competencies required for the job they are trying to fill and then incorporates them into a job posting. With an easy-to-use design, the tool walks users through a step-by-step process, auto-populating key fields to create a skills-based job posting. This free tool can help organizations to take the first step to adopt a skills-based approach to hiring, helping them efficiently and equitably source and retain talent.

The Skillful Job Posting Generator was instrumental in helping our organization approach hiring from a new perspective and look more closely at what skills we needed from a candidate for them to be successful in the role. We created a job posting which clearly conveyed the skills we were looking for and eliminated unnecessary requirements, opening the opportunity to a more diverse talent pool, attracting better qualified candidates – including those who may not otherwise have applied and would have been overlooked.” Kathy Duffin, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, Director of People and Culture, Colorado Department of Labor & Employment (CDLE)

Skillful Job Posting Generator

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