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Members of Trump’s “Digital Economy” Advisory Board Are Quitting

Members of a Department of Commerce committee called the Digital Economy Board of Advisors have turned in their resignations after President Trump’s defense of white…

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Questions Emerge Around Tech and Gatekeeping

ANOTHER TWO BITE THE DUST — Markle Foundation’s Zoe Baird and Mozilla’s Mitchell Baker both indicated that they intend to step down from their roles…

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The Evolution of Employment and Skills in the Age of AI

As artificial intelligence alters work done in all manner of industries, companies and governments can help workers transition by supporting incomes and facilitating skills training….

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Companies Get Real To Find The Right People

One company in Colorado is turning the tables on hiring the best people for the job, and so far, it seems to be working. “We’re…

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Lifelong Training Is the Future of Work

In his 2006 science-fiction novel “Rainbows End,” author Vernor Vinge conjured up a future where education was a truly lifelong process. The high schools of…