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Our Team

Board of Directors

Zoë Baird

CEO and President

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Steven Denning

Chairman Emeritus of General Atlantic LLC;
Member, Markle Board of Directors

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Cheryl C. Effron

Member, Markle Board of Directors;
Co-Founder and Board Chair, Greater NY

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Margaret Hoover

Host, PBS’ “Firing Line with Margaret Hoover”;
Member, Markle Board of Directors

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Dr. Chris Howard

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, ASU Public Enterprise;
Member, Markle Board of Directors

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Suzanne N. Johnson

Chair, Board of Directors, Markle Foundation;
Chair, Board of Directors, Intuit, Inc.

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Gilman Louie

Partner, Alsop Louie Partners;
Member, Markle Board of Directors;
Member, Rework America;
Member, Markle Task Force on National Security in the Information Age

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Dr. James Manyika

Senior Vice President, Technology and Society, Google;
Member, Rework America Initiative 2013;
Member, Markle Workforce Initiatives Advisory Board

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Kathleen A. Murphy

Senior Adviser to the CEO, Fidelity Investments

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Herbert Pardes, MD

Executive Vice Chair, Board of Trustees, New York-Presbyterian Hospital;
Member, Markle Board of Directors;
Member, Markle Connecting for Health Steering Group

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Stanley S. Shuman

Senior Advisor, Allen and Company, LLC

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Markle Staff

Mirranda Adams

Executive Assistant

Zoë Baird

CEO and President

Shannon Block

Chief Digital Officer; Executive Director, Colorado Initiatives

Emma Boczek

Policy Analyst

Angela Bowens-Gamble

Manager, Career Coaching Initiatives

Sharon Butler

Director, Accounting and Finance

David Cardoza-Rodriguez

Associate, Employer Initiatives

Shirley Chan

Receptionist/Admnistrative Support

Aashna Choudhary

Director, Human Resources

Joy Coates, Ed.D.

Senior Manager, National Delivery Partnerships

Beth F. Cobert

Chief Operating Officer, Markle Foundation

Margaret Dickinson

Associate, State Partnerships

Tracey Everett

Manager, Career Coaching Initiatives

Max Gibbons

Manager, Employer Initiatives and Alliance Partnerships

Carrie Gonzalez

Director, Strategic Communications

Maya Goodwin

Senior Manager, Policy

Bryanne Graser

Human Resources Generalist

Heidi Herrera Reyes

Associate, Communications

Debbie Hughes

Director, Alliance Partnership Coordination and Market Signaling

Jana Mila Juginovic

Chief Communications Officer and Senior Advisor

Ryan Kelsey

Executive Director, Partnership Development

Maria Koval

Financial Manager

Kymberly Lavigne-Hinkley

Senior Manager, National Career Coaching Initiatives

Danna Lindsay

Administrative Manager and Assistant Corporate Secretary

Matthew McKeever

Manager, Evaluation and Partnerships

Andrei Sophia Montfort

Facilities Manager

Jodi Novotny

Senior Manager, State Partnerships

Michael Passamonte

Manager, Accounting

Alexandra Peterson

Senior Manager, Workforce Digital Initiatives

Iwona Piotrowski

Executive Assistant

Ashish Rana

Product Administrator

Susan Roberson

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Jill Ryan

Manager, Grants and Contracts

Heidi S.

Lead Designer

Jane Smith

Manager, Communications

Todd Stout

Director, Computer and Information Systems

Trenae Thomas

Manager, Career Coaching Initiatives

William D. Turner, Jr.

Chief Program Delivery Officer

Stefaan Verhulst

Senior Advisor

Jacob Vigil

Senior Manager, Employer Initiatives

Meghann Walmsley

Administrative Assistant

Deborah Wasden

Director, Employer Initiatives

Greg Watkins

Manager, Alliance Delivery