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Achieving Electronic Connectivity in Healthcare

Publication Date: July 1, 2004

The Preliminary Roadmap’s key recommendations fall into three broad categories:

  1. Creating a Technical Framework for Connectivity: The creation of a non-proprietary “network of networks” is essential to support the rapid acceleration of electronic connectivity that will enable the flow of information to support patient care. The network should be based on a ” Common Framework.” The network should use a decentralized, federated architecture, that is based on standards, safeguards patient privacy and is built incrementally, without the use of a National Health ID or a centralized database of records.
  2. Addressing Financial Barriers: The development of financial and other incentives and related processes to promote improvements in healthcare quality through the adoption of clinical applications and information exchange based on standards.
  3. Engaging the American Public: Informing the public with a consistent set of messages to be used by government, healthcare, and consumer leaders to promote the benefits of electronic connectivity and to encourage patients and consumers to access their own health information.

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