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America’s Economic Opportunity in a World of Services

“The central challenge that we face as a country is how to revitalize the economy. Many of us feel that technology offers great promise in contributing to that, but the more difficult challenge is how we do that in a way that broadly benefits Americans.”

That was the challenge Zoë Baird, President of Markle, posed as she moderated a panel on America’s Economic Opportunity in a World of Services at Techonomy 2012. The panelists were:

  • Professor Bradford Jensen, McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University
  • Ambassador Miriam Sapiro, Deputy U.S. Trade Representative
  • Michael D. Capellas, the Virtual Computing Environment Company

Panelists examined how to grow the U.S. economy through exporting services over the Internet rather than exporting jobs through outsourcing. Key discussion points included skill sets and services that are ripe for export, along with the incentives and policies that will enable global opportunities.

Scaling up the export of services is just one of the opportunities that Markle is exploring as part of a larger effort to examine how to broaden the benefits of advances in information technology to create a vibrant economic future for all Americans. Additional opportunities for broad-based economic growth and job creation that Markle is exploring include utilizing the massive amounts of data now available and deploying the collective power of social media.