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Helping Employers to adopt skills-based hiring practices with the digital Skillful Talent Series

The pandemic is shifting day-to-day operations for many businesses, often leading to changing workforce needs and redeployment of staff. As the economy starts to recover, adopting a skills-based approach to hiring and talent can help employers to strengthen their workforce, through more inclusive practices that can help to build more diverse teams.

Developed in partnership with Skillful’s local partners, employers and employer associations, the Skillful Talent Series learning platform provides practical guidance and support to help employers and employer intermediaries implement an inclusive, skills-based strategy. This new digital training version of Skillful’s market-tested, SHRM-certified training allows HR professionals and hiring managers to learn remotely through a new set of self-guided modules developed to deliver these trainings digitally.

The Skillful Talent Series courses are designed to help employers break away from traditional, outdated hiring methods, which overly rely on proxies for skills like degrees, previous job titles, years of experience, and subjective evaluation. The Skillful Talent Series focuses on the key pillars of skills-based hiring: recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training and advancement. Skills-based hiring practices effectively reduce hiring bias and improve employee retention, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

"The content from the Skillful Talent Series has been valuable for me and my workers, and it is helping me access candidates that would have otherwise been overlooked. I was able to learn the concepts for skills-based hiring and was provided additional tools and resources to create and update job postings. Having this available digitally will be a great way for companies to deploy more broadly across their organization."

- Nicole McMurray, Regional Manager, AppleOne

For more information about bringing the Skillful Talent Series to your organization, please email [email protected]

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