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Employer Toolkit

Empowering employers to adopt more equitable hiring practices

The Alliance is providing resources and support for employers that can immediately be put to work to help adopt inclusive, skill-based sourcing and hiring strategies to meet talent needs.

Developed with input from leading employers, small businesses, and worker-serving organizations, the free tools and resources made available to employers.


Skillful Talent Series

An online training course that provides an overview of skills-based talent management strategy with practical tips and resources. SHRM-certified.

Activator Program

Short workshop series on successfully engaging employers in adopting skills-based practices.

Accelerator Program

Workshops and 1:1 support for mid/ small-sized business implementing skills-based practices.

Skillful Job Posting Generator 

An online tool that helps employers create skills-based job postings.

HR Software Guides

Guidance on useful features in your existing HR software systems when adopting a skills-based approach.

Job-Specific Hiring Guides

For key roles that provide career mobility currently available for Computer User Support Specialist and Cybersecurity Analyst

Quick Start Sourcing and Hiring Playbook

An actionable guide that includes practices to increase diversity and better support workers of color.

Rework Community Insights Monitor

A metro-level view on good jobs and training within the local labor market which can provide a guide to workforce development investments.


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